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What does the DBA represent?

DBA represents Delta Business Alliance in the Mississippi Delta.

What is the Delta Business Alliance?

DBA is technical assistance and business center for minority, women- owned and emerging businesses throughout the Mississippi Delta.

How can the Delta Business Alliance help my currently established business?

DBA plans to assist developing small and emerging business establishing relationships with stakeholders, resource partners, and major corporations in order to improve the increased capacity of small businesses. CRC will be intricately involved in Growing, Connecting and Supporting minority, women-owned and emerging businesses by enhancing economic opportunities.

Why should I join Delta Business Alliance?

The DBA attracts members simply by the impact it has on the developing of minority businesses throughout Mississippi Delta, through technical assistance, workshops, seminars , our patented traveling Small Business Entrepreneurial (SBE) Open House forums,  training sessions, networking and access to our popular FREE Compurecycling Center (CRC) Rewards program.

Why should I as a minority join the Delta Business Alliance?

Delta Business Alliance is the only organization in the Mississippi Delta that has the ability to assist minorities, and promote developing minority entrepreneurs, allowing them to become competitive in the global community.  DBA vision is to be the change agent for developing small and women-owned businesses in the Mississippi Delta by improving economic opportunities for underserved areas. The DBA has positioned itself as small business one stop service center, which provides you access to local resources, information, and training.


Has the Delta Business Alliance helped others minorities?

YES….DBA has helped many minorities to maximize their strengths and reduce their weaknesses by capitalizing on their business market and not just a business that will operate in a perpetual startup phase.  DBA has assisted small and emerging business to become certified with state providers, register and access state procurement centers, host technical suppliers – businessowner workshops, and provide subsidized microspace/office rentals for fixed periods of time.  

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