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Since 2021, CompuRecycling Center has trained high school youth as Youth Diabetes Management Coaches as a part of its Medical Ascension program in its service areas of Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and the District of Columbia.  Through this 8-week interactive program, youth learn medical information on diabetes and the management of diabetes directly from resident physicians and other healthcare professionals. During the 8-week program, each youth identify at least one (1) family member or community member living with diabetes and serve as a Youth Diabetes Management Coach for that selected family member or community member. Through this evidence-based approach, the youth help improve the health status and health outcomes of their family member or community member with diabetes through intensive coach sessions with them.  To further improve their physical health and wellness, the individuals living with diabetes who are coached by the youth also participate in body conditioning classes which are provided three times a week. As youth train to become Youth Diabetes Management Coaches, each youth also selects an additional four (4) friends, family members, or community members and provide culturally specific health education on what diabetes is, the prevention of diabetes, the difference between pre-diabetes and diabetes, and the importance of healthy behaviors during the Awards Ceremony at the conclusion of the 8-week program. CompuRecycling Center is committed to providing culturally specific health education and wellness resource supports for youth, adults, and/or seniors by implementing effective techniques for engaging youth and adults in dialogue regarding health and wellness.

CompuRecycling Center partners with organizations throughout its service areas to bring the training to their communities! Contact us at if your youth-serving organization wants to partner with CompuRecycling Center to train your youth as Youth Diabetes Management Coaches for their friends and family members.

Thank you to all of our Clinical Instructors

Medical Ascension Awards Ceremony Some Youth White Coats and Certificates Dec 2023 (1).png
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