The mission of CompuRecycling Center, Inc. (CRC) is to serve as a technical assistance center for minority, women-owned and emerging businesses throughout the Mississippi Delta. CRC plans to assist developing small and emerging business establishing relationships with stakeholders, resource partners, and major corporations in order to improve the increased capacity of small businesses. CRC is intricately involved in growing, connecting and supporting minority, women-owned and emerging businesses by enhancing economic opportunities. CRC fully invests in the future of the region, the youth, by working as a change agent to improve the health and well being of of communities and individuals while increasing the diversity of the healthcare profession and technical workforce.


Director, CompuRecycling Center, 501c3 nonprofit organization

  • Responsible for providing day-to-day technical assistance and counseling to clients within our targeted area exclusively for startup development, business expansion, and job retention

  • Engages small businesses in professional training in the Mississippi Delta on procedures for accessing and contracting with local, state and federal agencies

  • Forerunner for facilitating the Small Business Entrepreneurial (SBE) program

  • Coordinates “meet and greet” sessions to examine challenges facing small businesses

  • Establishes growth opportunities for small businesses

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